About the INPA Seminars

All seminars are on Fridays (unless otherwise noted) and start at 12:00 (noon) with a brief presentation of the weekly scientific news. Typically the talks end by 13:00. The seminars take place in Bldg. 50, room 5026 (the INPA common room).

The following Seminar schedule for the Institute for Nuclear and Particle Astrophysics is tentative. The seminar becomes final usually a few days before the Friday of the talk.

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions please contact, preferably via e-mail,

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Upcoming Seminars

April 24
Eric B. Norman (Department of Nuclear Engineering, UC Berkeley)
Seaborg's Plutonium? A Case Study in Nuclear Forensics

Past Seminars in 2015



March 27

Irshad Mohammed
Towards precision cosmology: the halo model and necessary modifications Abstract

March 20

Zvonimir Vlah
On the Statistics of Biased Tracers in the Effective Field Theory of Large Scale Structures Abstract

March 13

Gary Binder
Recent results on astrophysical neutrinos from IceCube Abstract

March 6

Simeon Bird
(CMU, Pittsburgh)
Simulating Massive Neutrinos Abstract

February 27

Nicolas Tejos
(UC Santa Cruz)
The intergalactic medium in the cosmic web Abstract

February 20

Jingke Xu
Searches for dark matter with radio-pure argon and NaI(Tl) Abstract

February 13

Eric Linder
New Probes of Cosmology Abstract

February 6

Blake Sherwin
Towards a Clear View of the Early Universe: Methods for Delensing Near-Future CMB Polarization Surveys Abstract

January 16

Javier Caravaca
Sterile neutrino searches at the T2K experiment Abstract

January 23

Philipp Mertsch
(Stanford University)
The CR anisotropy problem and the rise in the positron fraction Abstract

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