ALL ASTROPHYSICAL EVENTS , including the origin of the universe, are governed by the physics of nuclei and particles.The LBNL Institute for Nuclear and Particle Astrophysics (INPA) unites research in astrophysics – including solar neutrinos, cosmic rays, dark matter, supernovae, cosmic background radiation and theoretical astrophysics. The Institute unites experimenters and theorists with common scientific goals and shared techniques that transcend divisional boundaries. INPA promotes interdisciplinary work in Nuclear and Particle Astrophysics at LBNL by:

  • Promoting interaction and communication among its members
  • Sharing of intellectual, technical, and administrative resources
  • Planning of new research proposals and development of major detector systems
  • Developing innovative educational outreach programs
  • Establishing seminars, postdoctoral, and visitor programs. Sponsoring workshops